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Customs broker

TCLG (Technology Consulting Logistics) provides professional brokerage services and is ready to become your customs representative.

  • We work with all participants in foreign economic activity, including individuals and legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs
  • Fast customs clearance – custom’s green-light passage in 2 hours
  • Help with customs clearance of products of any kind, including perishable
  • Work at customs points throughout the Russian Federation
  • Comply with the terms and work under the contract
  • We are financially responsible and take out insurance
  • We provide warehouses for temporary storage of cargo
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates
  • Accurate calculation of all customs duties and charge
  • Declaration of export, transit, import cargo
  • Our specialists are ready to fully support your goods at any border control points (cargo terminals, air terminals, railway stations, sea ports, etc.)

The main procedures of passing the customs clearence:

  • written and oral customs entry;
  • inspection of cargo;
  • calculation and collection of fees;
  • issuance of permits for international transportation.

Customs clearance and other border procedures are not always fast. In some cases, it is necessary to ensure the storage of goods in temporary warehouses until all formalities are settled. There are a lot of subtleties and pitfalls in this types of cases. That is why customs clearance is allowed to be dealt with not only by the owners of goods, but also their authorized representatives. Such companies are called brokers and TCLG is one of them.

Border risks:

Trusting the customs clearance of your cargo to specialists is the best option. And the first and most important reason is because errors in this process are fraught with serious losses of money and time. Wrong steps can lead to a lot of undesirable consequences. Among them are:

  • the arrest of the cargo;
  • confiscation;
  • demolishing;
  • fines;
  • criminal liability.

In the vast majority of cases, serious sanctions are issued for the attempt to transport prohibited products, or the concealment of information about the transported goods. Although sometimes troubles occur without malicious intent on the part of the owner, due to lack of experience on his part. In this regard, the services of brokerage companies are of even greater interest, as they allow you to reliably prepare for all possible problems.

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