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FEA outsourcing

We undertake the tasks of the procurement and logistics departments.

Organizing of the supply chain under our contract

  • issuing FEA contract with foreign suppliers
  • issuing appropriate customs codes
  • preparation of supporting documents in accordance with the requirements of the customs authorities of the Russian Federation (invoice, specification, packing list)
  • registration of permits (declarations/certificates of conformity, different licenses, certificates of state registration)
  • working out of the optimal route of delivery and selection of transport
  • calculation and execution of customs duties
  • payments to suppliers
  • customs clearance and release of goods for free circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • delivery to the client
  • provision of detailed reports on the costs of delivery, copies of all calculations, and customs declaration

Organizing of the supply chain under clients’ contract

  • In some cases it is impossible to import goods as a separate importer.
  • If the client has been importing goods to his company for a long time and it is impossible to change the contract with the supplier, because it can undermine the trust of the supplier, but the client needs to optimize the business processes of foreign trade.
  • If the client has already signed a contract with a well-known supplier for the supply of foreign trade in Russia, but he can not or does not want to deal with logistics and customs clearance.
  • If the customer negotiates with the supplier and plans to make deliveries to his company.

Analysis and preparation of FEA contracts

  • Help to analyze the contract
  • Identify weaknesses
  • Give recommendations
  • Provide a lawyer if necessary
  • Make the contract as profitable and safe as possible in the shortest possible time

Analysis and optimization of foreign trade business processes

  • In the life of any company engaged in the import of goods in the Russian Federation, there is a need to periodically look from the outside on the conduct and organization of the import process, customs clearance and internal interaction of FEA department with other departments of the company, contractors, service providers.
  • The TCLG company provides services for the analysis of FEA of the client company and provides recommendations for the optimization of business processes.

Partial FEA support (remote FEA Department)

  • Needed in case when the contract with the supplier is concluded, relatively regularly there are deliveries and customs clearance of goods, but the client wants to reduce the cost of FEA Department.
  • Needed in case if the deliveries are not big and not regular volume and there is no point in separate FEA department or FEA manager

Legal and accounting FEA support

  • consultations on legal and tax
  • preparation, verification, analysis, optimization of foreign trade contracts
  • analysis, optimization, setting, accounting in FEA
  • negotiations with foreign suppliers
  • setting and maintaining accounting in FEA from scratch

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